Investing with the Price Trend by Filtering out the Noise

Who We Are

Transformation9 is a holding company that invests in small businesses in their entirety and in small positions of publicly traded companies listed in the S&P Composite 1500 Index. 

Most recently Transformation9 has built and deployed a nine stage proprietary investment system which results in high probability of profitable trades within the S&P Index.


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Transformation9 is focused on evaluating, acquiring and managing small businesses in Alabama. We typically focus on those companies that are family owned with annual revenues between $500,000 and $5 million within a broad range of industries. Our strategy is to acquire businesses which have a proven growth profile and/or those businesses that  are broadly known and respected in the community.

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A major advantage we posses is the ability to purchase small positions of great businesses throughout the United States. We focus on the very best businesses within the very best performing sectors of the S&P 1500. We value these businesses with specific fundamental and technical indicators. We view this as a strategic advantage when paired with our small business sector division. This gives us the choice to invest among publicly traded or small businesses, those that present the best opportunity.

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Alan Creighton, founder and CEO, is a veteran and serial entreprenuer who has built several successful technology companies in both the telecom and healthcare space with a focus on software applications. Alan has over 15 years experience as a CEO, growing his second business to over $90 million in annualized revenue.  Alan's experience includes raising capital from venture capital firms, private equity firms and banks throughout the southeast. Most recently Alan has applied his discipline, focus and drive to build a proprietary nine stage trading system which he now uses to trade public securities in the financial markets. Alan graduated from the University of Alabama with a major in Finance and a minor in Computer Science.